The Flash Season 4 - Is Barry Dead or He will Return in 4th Season?

In the beginning of the season 3, We have seen that Barry messing with the Timeline and creating Flash Point and Time Travel Paradox, But while Messing with the time Barry created lot of problems and of course we all know that, but after the end of the season 3 with the last episode (S02E23) ''Finish Line'' of THE FLASH one question Remains...

Weather Barry is dead or He will Return in the Season 4 ?

[Spoiler For the Last Episode : If you haven't seen 23rd Episode then this is spoiler. in the end after Prevail over SAVITAR, Barry Allen (The Flash) submit himself to the SPEED FORCE - personified by his mother Nora Allen once again, In order to prevent it from collapsing all over central city. Barry losses his peaceful life with iris west and rest of his friend and team at S.T.A.R Labs.]

The Flash's 3rd season closes out with very sad and tearful moment as Barry Allen says Goodbye to his Loved one and Friends, with encouraging Wally West (Kid Flash) to take his place.

But While Barry gone, Grant Gustin probable isnt going anywhere, most recent press release for THE FLASH THE CW unveiled for 2016-17 Fall season, still lists Grant Gustin as having Starring role, it is likely Barry's entrapment in the speed force will be temporary - as the episode of the flashpoint lasting just for one episode in the beginning of the 3rd season.

Something tells us that Barry Allen will find his way back in the starting of the latest crisis, As he did in the Comics of the DCs.

Your opinion and theories will be appreciated. Until next time.


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